For the first time in decades, there are schooners 'abuilding on the famed waterfront at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dawson Moreland & Associates are building not just one, but two 48' wooden schooners in the best of Maritime traditions. These 'twins' will be built simultaneously, frame for frame, plank for plank, alongside the historic Lunenburg Dory Shop at 175 Bluenose Drive. Follow their progress from keel laying to launch!

An artist's interpretation of the Twin Schooner Project

Friday, July 29, 2011

Excuse me, I have a cabin top to deliver...

The second cabin top was walked down the street from Tony's workshop earlier today. This time our route managed to take us right through a film set for the television series Haven, which films in Lunenburg from time to time. That was pretty funny actually. Then it was down Montague Street to Bluenose Drive, into the Dory Shop Boatyard, around Billy's schooner (another obstacle we didn't have last time!) and then up on deck and into place. Whew! Many thanks to the extra hands from the Picton Castle crew (you can see the masts and yards of their ship in the background of the last picture) and congrats to Tony for another beautiful piece of work!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Bluenose visit

An email over the weekend asked what was up with the lack of new photographs here on the Twin Schooners construction blog. "Is it vacation time?," it asked.

Well, yes and no. Yes, Dave has taken a few weeks off to mind the farm in Tusket and sail his schooner Sea Change. He still checks in from time to time to provide instruction and generally harass Bub (little joke there Dave!), who continues to work on the decks. Meanwhile, Tony is completing the cabin top for the second schooner. So work continues, to be sure, but nothing too dramatic in terms of photographs for the moment.

That said, it was kind of funny to walk down to the boatyard this morning and see Capt. Dan walking about with one of our most stalwart supporters, the skipper of Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador, the schooner Bluenose II, Capt. Phil Watson. Capt. Watson helped lay the twin keels you'll remember and has shown keen interest in the project at every phase.

So the two men were having a good close look at the deck and cabin houses of Billy Campbell's schooner when they decided to 'go below' and sat among the frames to continue their conversation. That, we thought, made for a pretty interesting picture.