For the first time in decades, there are schooners 'abuilding on the famed waterfront at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dawson Moreland & Associates are building not just one, but two 48' wooden schooners in the best of Maritime traditions. These 'twins' will be built simultaneously, frame for frame, plank for plank, alongside the historic Lunenburg Dory Shop at 175 Bluenose Drive. Follow their progress from keel laying to launch!

An artist's interpretation of the Twin Schooner Project

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunny deadwood

Until working around Dave and Dan, I thought Deadwood was a television western. Well that's true but apparently it's also the name of wood that serves primarily as filler between other aspects of a boat's structure. And that's what the guys are working on in the pictures here.

The funny thing is that this deadwood, particularly the piece being worked on at right, has such a vibrant colour. It really sticks out on a day like this when the temperature is back above freezing but everything is that dull gray that tends to characterize Nova Scotia from December until April. Doesn't look dead at all, does it?

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