For the first time in decades, there are schooners 'abuilding on the famed waterfront at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dawson Moreland & Associates are building not just one, but two 48' wooden schooners in the best of Maritime traditions. These 'twins' will be built simultaneously, frame for frame, plank for plank, alongside the historic Lunenburg Dory Shop at 175 Bluenose Drive. Follow their progress from keel laying to launch!

An artist's interpretation of the Twin Schooner Project

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter wonderland workspace

Okay, so it doesn't always feel like a wonderland, especially when you suddenly have a couple of feet of snow in your workspace. But our gang liked the fact that when the snow came down, the temperature went up.

As you can see, Dave and Bub have been fitting and installing all manner of knees - hanging knees to support the ends of the deck beams from below; lodging knees, which fasten the forward side of a ship's beam to the schooner's side and bosom knees, which fasten the afterside of the beam to the vessel's side.

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